So happy to have you visit our site, and that you joined us on this great adventure called Nerium.   Although this is your own business, we are here to help you build a successful team.

To begin your journey make sure you being with the following steps to ensure your success.  In this business starting fast, like a rocket ship takes off into space is the easiest way to find your way to success.  Then, the motto is slow down to go fast.  An oxymoron I know, but as you being to understand you will see why this works.

Getting started

  1. Listen to our “Getting Started Right” call
    Don’t just join the business, launch it right to ensure success from the start!  Please spend a few minutes listening to this call!! DIAL(805) 399-1099, code 551814#
  2. Check out your back office
    To get into your back office you go to your nerium page “” and you click on the tab in the right hand corner.  Then put your name and password.  This is your back office.  Go to  the “Training” tab and scroll down to the “New Brand Partner Training.”  Watch these videos.  This will give you a lot of basic information that you need.
  3. Text “Real” to 59769
    This will ensure that you are getting valuable text reminders about informational calls from Nerium.
  4. Like Nerium on Facebook
    The Nerium Facebook page is a great resource for information and business information. Also join our Facebook Group
  5. You will receive an email from Paylutions
    Don’t delete this e-mail! Follow the instructions in the email to set up an account.  This is how Nerium pays you!
  6. Take a “before” photo
    After you take your before photos, please e-mail it to us.  We want to see you! When you earn your IPad make sure you take a photo as well. As for your Lexus, you can visit the dealership long before you earn your car, and post it on our dreamboard.
  7. Three-way calls
    An important way to build your business, and learn at the same time.  When you want a three way call just dial your sponsor, or you can text me  Liz Palmer at 503-267-1263 or Linda Meeh (our upline One Star) at  949-350-1553.
  8. Your HAPPY page..  You now have your own Happiness Ambassador page.  Go to www.(your nerium name)  When you share your page you will be followed!  Spread our Happiness Advantage to all your friends..
  9. PLUG IN... Staying up with all the news, and staying connected is an important part of assuring your success with Nerium.   You can listen ANYTIME, and there are live scheduled calls most days.  Download the info sheet –corporate_connect    You will love listening to these calls for ideas, and how to build your own dreams!!

Let us know when you would like to do a call, and we will let you know if we are available.

You are at the beginning of something AWESOME..  Your commitment to learning will pay off.