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February 19th  😰  After a visit to my chiropractor after several days of severe dizziness, I had to make the decision to cancel part of my trip.  I couldn’t imagine trying to hike, kayak, and take a tour of Northern New Zealand when I couldn’t even walk a straight line or get out of bed without the world seemingly turning upside down.  So instead of an adventure to Kiwi-land, I visited the chiropractor every day, and rested, and prayed to be “fixed”…  After three days of doing brain exercises,  looking up to the left in quick jerky movements, and looking down slowly,  balancing on one foot at a time, with my eyes closed, and staying focused I managed to get better each day… Oh, and a few powerful adjustments    It is amazing as we grow older how those old injuries “pop’ up.    I was so grateful by Friday to be able to resume as planned, just skipping the New Zealand part of my journey… For another time hopefully.


Saturday…  Dizziness well subsisted and ready for the long flight   First to LAX, then 14 hours to Sydney.   All these years I had a big fear of being on a flight that long   It was easy!  Between the in seat entertainment, where I rewatched Nurse Jackie episodes, my sketching program on my new iPad pro, reading and sleeping the time flew by.   I arrived a day later then when I left due to the time change   Melatonin in my pocket to try and adjust😄   I came to Coogee, on the shore near Sydney where I am being hosted by a friend of a friend, Fay    A lovely Austrialian woman who made me feel more than comfortable  in my Sydney home away from home.  She had invited friends over, and we had a lovely traditional Aussie high tea..  I couldn’t keep my eyes opened, and fell asleep during the lively conversation.  After two hours of very deep sleep I took a walk and then went back to bed at 10   Slept wonderfully and woke up on the Australian schedule..


February 23rd


TODAY  was my first full day in Sydney.  After a good nights rest we left early in the morning via bus from Coogee, to Sydney.  I enjoyed some quiet moments just gazing at the beautiful Aussies.  The men were tall, well groomed and gorgeous and the women were even more spectacular.  Fine beautiful dresses, heels and summer kissed skin ready to go into the city to work.   It took me awhile to get accustomed to the cars coming at me from the “wrong’ side but it started to feel a bit better by the end of the day.  We were at the opera house so early that very few tourists were there and it was beautiful. Pam, my friend from Adelaide made the schedule, and she chose a two hour tour of the Harbor. The opera house, the 2 million dollar houses by the water.  We got back to Coogee a little early for our host so we changed into our “bathers” and headed down to the ocean for a late afternoon swim.   The ocean was strong and I walked back with sand in all the places it doesn’t belong.  We are ending the night with a gin and tonic and a “Barbie”.   What a perfectly magical Austrialian day.  Still can’t believe I am so far away from home.   Btw.  I tried watching the water to see if it went down the drain the opposite way, but couldn’t quite see it…   Tomorrow maybe a hired car and more tourist activities, after toast and vegemite and a spot of tea..



February 24

Day two of Sydney …  We decided that hiring a car would be the best way to get a real “feel” for the city so I got on the internet and found a deal on hotwire, which was $60… It is quite expensive here.    We took a brisk walk down into Coogee, and had an iced coffee before the UBER picked us up.  Life is so easy when UBER is just a click away.   We went back to the airport and picked up our little gutless Hyundai which proved to be a bit of a challenge in the hilly city.  Sydney was built on solid rock, and it is not unlike San Francisco .    First stop Manly beach which was sure to be filled with fabulous human specimens which did not disappoint!   The Australians are gorgeous , very fit, bronzed and seemingly very happy at the beach.  It is a big difference than being on an American beach.   The riptides were strong so we could only go up to our knees in the warm water.  I looked for shark fins in the distance and saw none, neither did I see any huge spiders or snakes for that matter.

I felt I had to at least try the traditional fish and chips, which I did, gluten and all.   Seems that the gluten down under is OK for me, as I had no usual symptoms ( brain ataxia.. Dizziness, confusion and severe anxiety).  I asked for an ice tea, sweetened (only sugar down here, no high fructose corn syrup!). Two small ice cubes lay at the bottom of my glass….  Food like it used to be in the USA once upon a time.



After an an hour at the beach, which still managed to burn the small bits of skin that weren’t plastered with sunscreen we headed for Northhead park to get an overall view of the harbor of Sydney.  The traffic is BAD here, due to so many bridges and harbors, so I had lots of time to take in the views.   After we stood on the edge of the cliffs we headed back into town, over the famous bridge to South Head.   The bridge has the offering of walking across the top, all suited up in climbing gear,  and getting an incredible view.  I chose to stay grounded.    On our way to the other side, we went in and out of the neighborhoods.  The houses ranged in price from 1 million all the way up to 100 million.   I did decide I could easily live in this gorgeous city, but my financial success, or my ability to marry “money” would have to greatly increase!   The homes here are a mix of old brick that resemble Old English style, intermittent with gorgeous modern places with glass all across the front.   There are hundreds of seaside homes, since there are so many harbors.   And of course yachts of all sizes bobbing up and down in the azure waters.



We we made it back to the house just in time to brush off the sand and get dressed for out last night dinner with our host, Faye at a local Vietnamese restaurant. The food was delightful paired with outstanding red wine, which I indulged a bit too much.  I of course would never get behind the wheel on the Australian streets, however I was nervous just crossing the street with a few glasses of wine.  Have to look three times just to make sure I am looking the right way!   We got back to the house under the  moonlight night.  I had to stare up at the stars, to take notice of the Southern Hemisphere night sky in comparison to mine…   To end the night I did a bit of sketching before sleep, and listened to the sounds of the city by the sea.    Day three awaits me after a flight up to Adelaide, which is known as the wine country in Austalia…